Friday, 17 May 2013


Family! Thanks for writing this week.

Dad! Thanks for your letter. Sometimes it's stressful taking the responsibility for a zone but it's a great learning opportunity. It's helped me learn a lot about serving others. There are always things to improve. Those pictures are pretty crazy. Looks like the fire burned a lot! Good thing there wasn't any damage done to anyones homes or anything. How did it start? Hopefully fugitive goes well. That activity is so much fun. I loved doing it. It's crazy how everyone's leaving on missions. The world is gonna be completely different when I get home. I'm excited that Michael will get to go through the temple soon. That's gonna be awesome. I hope you have fun skiing. With the mother's day call we get an hour and a half. I'll be finished lunch at like 3:30ish here then I'll be able to call hopefully right away. We still have to figure out where we're gonna do it. Love ya!

Mum! Kenna's letters are pretty funny. I'm surprised how well she can express herself! That's terrible about Kenna getting head lice... I bet that was a nightmare. I can relate a little cause we've got fleas here. I'm sick of flea bites. That's great that Charly got her patriarchal blessing! I remember when I got mine. It was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. I'm also glad Jake's doing so well. Haha what's on this shrine on the wall?? Nice work sharing the gospel!! That would be sweet if that Jamaican guy came haha. By the way, thanks for the package! I got it. The chocolate was delicious. We're 4 in our house so it didn't last very long. The tie's great too. Thanks! Love ya Mum.

Michael! The temple is going to be great. Seriously there's nothing that compares to it. I wish there was a temple in my mission! You're gonna love it. It's really interesting and I still want to know more about the symbolism and stuff cause there's a lot to learn that I don't understand yet. You're going to grad, Nice! Who asked you the first year? I forgot. It's gonna be great my friend. Love ya!

Charly! Still haven't heard from you. I hope you're doing well! Tell me about your experience with your patriarchal blessing! Isn't it awesome? Love ya!

Jake! Sounds like you have fun biking. How does your bike hold out? I hope things go well with your track and field tryouts. I'm sure you'll do great as always. How did you make that lego gun and the other stuff?? How does that all work? Sounds like robotics is a pretty sweet class. Nice job saving up your money for your mission. How do you like your reffing job? Love ya!

Kenna! Hahaha I'm not coming home yet Kenna! I've got too much to do haha. That's crazy you lost your tooth! You're getting so old. How do you know the tooth fairy's name is Anabelle? My mission is great. You should go on a mission. It's the best thing ever. I heard about the fire. Sounds like it was crazy! Sorry Kenna, I already decided to stay! Love ya.

Family! So this week we saw some progress and some miracles. It was overall pretty good at least for us in our sector, although there's still a lot of room for improvement. We had a zone conference on Thursday which was great. It gave us all a really good vision of how to work more effectively and I felt the Spirit really strong.

In our mission, working with members hasn't really been a strong culture and it's something that we as a whole don't do all that well. Most of our baptisms come from tracting and not from refererrals. We're trying to change that around now, as we're focusing more on contacting references and working with the members. We learned about the importance of helping the members feel the Spirit and the power of our message and then inviting them to share the gospel with their friends and following up with their referrals. I think if we can establish that culture in the mission then we'll see a lot more success.

We also are focusing more on the Book of Mormon. The mission as a whole started reading it this week. The goal is to finish it before the end of June. I love reading it. It's so good. I feel the Spirit so strong and I learn so much from it every day. I wish I could read it all day sometimes. I've also come to the conclusion that what we need to do to reactivate less actives is to read the Book of Mormon. Many of the less actives we teach have testimonies but don't remember them, and some of them didn't get baptized for the right reasons, but as they read the Book of Mormon they'll receive the spiritual strength necessary to come back to church. The Area Presidency asked the Mission Presidents to focus more on the Book of Mormon, and said that it will help people break bad traditions and bad habits.

Another thing, on Sunday at church, I was helping the primary with a musical presentation they're doing, and suddenly I looked out the door and saw the Torres family in the hallway. It was crazy. I was SO stoked. They drove over from Chiguayante after sacrament meeting to come looking for me and went to a bunch of churches before they found me. It was AWESOME! They had just gone to the temple the day before for the first time, not to be sealed yet, but to do baptisms. It was GREAT! I was so happy to see them. Hector, the dad, now has a calling as a teacher for the Elders Quorum class and is progressing to receive the Melquezidek Priesthood. They also told me that next temple trip they are gonna go and get sealed as a family. I'm sooo happy for them. I couldn't even express how happy I was. To top it all off, they brought me a chocolate bar. They rock. I'm so grateful I was allowed to be the missionary that taught them in that moment in their lives. They are so incredible.

Vilma has been sick this week and we haven't even been able to see her unfortunately. She's been bedridden and couldn't go to church. We're hoping and praying to see her this week and help her progress.

This week we also saw a bunch of miracles as we found a bunch of families. We're working with the list of members and as we've done so we've been able to find a bunch of part-member families and other families as we've asked they neighbours for them. On Saturday we found a family, and the mother and the daughter went to church on Sunday. Unfortunately, the daughter had a bad experience with someone there who got baptized a few months ago, cause apparently he had bullied her before or something, and she left. Hopefully we can fix that... We also found someone who's a really good investigator. She lives with her mother, and has 2 kids with one on the way. She wants to get baptized and has kept her commitments really well. I'm really excited! 

Anyway, Heavenly Father answered a lot of our fasting and prayers this week. I hope we can see more miracles this upcoming week, as the zone still needs a lot of help. Please pray for us! We've got a lot of work to do.

Thanks for being the best family ever. I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel and I'll talk to you next week.

Love ya!

Elder Blomfield