Friday, 17 May 2013


Family!! Great to hear from you. Wasn't this conference great?? I loved it.
Dad! I'm glad you liked Conference. It was soo awesome. Those lines you sent were great. I loved it! You could tell they were focusing on the fact that God is hastening the work. They talked frequently about member missionary work and another theme that stood out was that of how God allows us to progress instead of instantly demanding perfection. I guess we'll have to see if I end up seeing Mike. I wrote about the extension thing in Mum's letter. I really liked the letter you sent. Thanks for taking the time to write it. I'm really grateful for the decisions you made to live the gospel and change your life. It's been a huge blessing for me and has changed the lives of our whole family, as well as the people you've worked with and served in and out of the church. Now the people of Chile are also seeing the blessings from the decisions you made. Thank you so much Dad. I love you a lot.

Mum! Conference was great. I loved it!! It's better than Christmas. I got to watch it in English. It's way better cause you get to hear the voice of the real speakers instead of a translater that normally can't express the emotion in the same way. I'm not sure about my favourite talk exactly but one that I felt the Spirit a lot in was Elder David L. Beck's talk in Priesthood session. Elder Holland's talk was excellent too. Loved it. Do you see a lot of people bashing the church online and stuff? The extension thing is kind of in my hands now apparently. The assistants called the other day and, without knowing that I already wanted to stay, asked if I would be willing to extend. The mission boundaries are going to extend and take part of Concepción South so they asked if I would be willing to go there for 8 weeks as a zone leader in a city called Talcahuano to establish in one of the new zones the culture we have here in Concepción. I still haven't made a sure decision. I've still got no package. I got one from the Biggs though, tell them thanks! That's sweet about studying to be a Teacher's Aide! You'll have to let me know what your decision is. What's an Arpeggio? I don't remember anymore. Love you Mum!
Michael! It is pretty crazy about the mission getting cut. It's pretty gutting. Hopefully you get in the Ensign! If they have any brains though, they'll edit you out hahaha. What was your favourite talk? Being a missionary is great. How are your grades looking? It's hard to go back home after being at university, cause you have to try and readjust to old life. It's like that awkward stage between school and a mission. I always felt weird. Which District are you watching? The District 2 is better. Apparently they're making a third one. Love you Mike!

Charly! That's too bad you have to go back to school. I went to the PARTY program too! Did you get to try on the drunk goggles thing?? I remember when they should us some dummy thing and some kid fainted. It was crazy. All those videos almost scared us into never wanting to ever drive haha. I'm glad you enjoyed conference! Did you watch all the sessions? My favourite talk... It's a tough one... I really liked Elder David L. Beck's talk in Priesthood session, even though it was directed mainly to the Aaronic Priesthood holders. I felt the Spirit a lot in that one. Neil L. Andersen's talks are always great too. It was awesome! Love you!
Jake! Are you playing singles or doubles? I hope you get that award. You're gonna start working out? Good luck buddy I'll still beat you. I'm glad you enjoyed making the Moroni's quest video. You excited? Love ya!

Kenna! That's soo cool you get to have Charly and Jake's old phones! I really liked your picture of me haha it was great! What was your part about conference? I love you Kenna!!

So conference this week was great. I learned a ton about the atonement and about how the Lord works. I learned a lot about how He allows us to progress gradually, and I learned about how to look for the good in others. I loved it. I also really liked how many of the speakers talked about following the Spirit. It's so cool how certain things stand out to us during the whole conference. I think the hardest part now is being constant in applying the things the Spirit has taught us. Sometimes it's overwhelming trying to apply everything at once, but I think the best thing we can do is simply follow the Spirit when trying to live the gospel more fully. If we just suddenly try to do everything at once that we've been counseled to do, we'll explode, so we need to follow the Spirit in gradually applying things according to our personal needs and circumstances.
This week has been a good experience overall. It was good to see some investigators and missionaries progress. I did a minicambio with one missionary and did a study with another. It was great to be able to help them in their own progress in their missions. I love seeing the missionaries progress.
We're teaching a young couple that are progressing really well. Their names are Boris and Melisa. Melisa is the grandaughter of a member, and Boris is her partner. They aren't married, but went to the Civil Registry and have plans to do it soon. They don't live always in the same house, and are willing to live separately every day to get baptized. It's cool, cause they have tons of contact with members, but never really progressed. Melisa had shared with missionaries before but never really had a big progress towards baptism. Now she feels more sure and it's so great to see that progress. Hopefully they'll be getting baptized this upcomiong weekend.
Last week I forgot to tell you, but we had a mini-mission like I had hade about a year ago in Coelemu. My companion's name was Hermana Balcón. It was a sweet experience as we all got to go work with these 17-year-old kids. It was cool to see their insights and it's always interesting to see how someone who doesn't have much experience shares the gospel. It's so simple and uncomplicated. I want to try and teach more simply cause it makes the message so much clearer for the investigators. It was awesome. It's funny how tired they got after only three days too hahaha.
So today there are cambios. Sadly, I'm out of here. I already knew it was coming though. I'm heading off to Penco! It's a coastal city right next to Concepción. I was in the Penco zone before while I was in Coelemu, but now that zone is divided into two, so Coelemu won't be part of my zone. It's crazy, cause the zone has 14 missionaries, 8 of which are sisters. It's gonna be pretty crazy. It's sometimes hard to be a leader with the sisters cause the amount of contact we can have with them is way limited, and it's tough to go and help them with their challenges. Pray for me! My new comp is gonna be Elder Carter. He's awesome. He's really funny and I'm excited to work with him. My new branch is called Valle Hermoso (beautiful valley), and is the same ward where my mini-mission companion lives. It's gonna be great, but I'm really sad to leave Linares. I feel like I just got here! I can't believe how fast time flies.
I'm really excited for new opportunities, but it's always sad to leave old things behind. I know the Lord will bless us as we work hard. I love you all! Thanks for all your prayers and support. I know this is the truth!! I felt my testimony confirmed during conference this weekend. Jesus Christ is our Saviour and this is His restored Church. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Book of Mormon is true. As I've been reading it, my love for it has grown. It's so great! Thank you so much for all you do.
Love you all! Keep sharing the gospel!
Elder Blomfield