Sunday, 16 June 2013

10TH JUNE 2013

Family! Thanks for writing. Congrats on your visa coming Michael!!

Dad! Four hour nap? That's pretty impressive. That's great about Michael's visa arriving. I bet he's so stoked. So many people are going on missions its great! That's weird thinking about how old everyone's getting. The house is gonna be back down to only 4 kids in just over a week. That's crazy that they whitewashed the sector. Do you know why they stuck Elders in there now? Is it just for Parkland, or for Queensland too? Love you Dad!

Mum! I've still got a little bit of the cough but it's pretty much clearing up now. Last week I was feeling pretty rough but I feel loads better now. My stomach's been alright, although it's not always so great. You're right about seeing the doctor and the dentist, it would probably be a good call. I've got one week left here in Penco before they ship me off to Talcahuano. I really hope Manuel gets baptized this week. We need a miracle. I hope Kenna gets better soon. Love you Mum!

Michael! Dude you've only got like a week left! Are you stoked?? I'm so jealous you get to go to the temple so much.  I'm so happy for you with your visa coming in. That would have been horrible having to wait another 6 weeks. I liked your experience you told me about your prayer too. That's great. Haha that picture was pretty hilarious. Love you!

Charly! That seems so weird to me that you'll be starting high school soon. You're getting so old! Did you like the morning side? I always loved those. Do you like begin a hostess?? That sounds like a lot of fun. I hope everything goes well with your exams and everything. Love ya!

Jake! Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun! You've gone paintballing before right? Are you gonna go to a paintballing arena or just to go play outside? That sucks about getting braces, but it's probably better just to get them. Michael got some glasses? For the mission or something? Love you Jake!

I heard some pretty sweet news today. David Parra, my convert from Coelemu, is now one of the counselors in the Branch Presidency over there. That made me SO happy! Apparently he also gave a solid testimony in the gospel principles class inviting all the investigators to get baptized and talking about how happy it's made him. I can't even say how happy I am about that. That's so awesome.

So with Manuel, he's progressing a lot. He's got a baptismal date for this Saturday and I really hope he gets baptized before I leave. He's so awesome. He's still got some doubts about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, but he's progressing well. He's keeping all the commandments and he's showing a lot of initiative. He showed up to sacrament meeting alone and his wife came afterwards cause she was late getting ready. He tells us he feels a lot of peace and unity in his family and stuff and he's just progressing a lot. I really really hope he gets baptized this week. He's gonna be such a great member of the church here. I love that family.

With Alejandra, she was avoiding us for about a week. She's having a bunch of family problems and feels like she's failing as a mother. We finally managed to find her and we taught her again. It was really spiritual and she got emotional as we talked about how Jesus Christ can help her. She says she knows that this is true but is feeling kind of overwhelmed. She committed to go to church and to prepare to get baptized for the next week. Anyway, we left and everything was great, but on Sunday morning she didn't come. We're really worried about her cause she needs a lot of help right now and we can't seem to ever get hold of her. Her phone's always off and everything. Keep praying for her!

So we're planning a sweet activity in our ward. Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be here, but it's still gonna be sweet. It was the Bishop's idea. We're gonna do a huge activity one Saturday when we invite all the missionaries from the zone and people from all over Penco. The idea is to have every member come with at least 1 non-member friend. Then, they all get about 20 green cards to use to pay for these different games that there'll be. There will be about 3 hours of games in each room in the church, all with different themes. Each room will have a different game run by a couple people, and when they play they have to pay a green card, and depending on the game they play, they get given another colored card in return. There are also 2 rooms with missionaries teaching and watching a movie about the Savior. After game time is up, the lights all go out, and some people dressed in white come with flashlights and guide everyone to the chapel, where they have to cash in the cards they've received for the games they played. Each colored card will represent something different, one for the Telestial, one for the Terrestrial, and one for the Celestial Kindgoms, depending on the color. Then everyone gets judged into a certain kingdom in the chapel, and people dressed in white then explain how the whole activity was like how we use our time in life and what will happen in the end. Then there's gonna be some messages about the plan of salvation and eternal families and stuff. It's gonna be sweet!

Anyway, we're still really struggling to get things moving in our sector. We had a pretty rough week this week and it's kind of frustrating. Elder Carter and I have been analyzing what's going on and we decided that we haven't been as united as we should be. We've been working together, but our unity was kind of superficial and we put some goals to fix it. We hope that'll mean that we'll have more of the Spirit with us and we'll have more success in our own sector. It's tough trying to lead a zone when we're struggling in our own sector. Keep praying for us, cause we need some miracles. We feel like we've been working really hard and applying the things we've learned and everything, and both of us have had success before, but for some reason we're just really struggling to see a lot of progress. This week's gonna be better though.

Reading the Book of Mormon has been great this week. We read all the war chapters. It's such a cool story, and we can learn a lot. I like how as the people were righteous, the Lord always blessed them, even if good people died in the process. The only times the people had real problems were when they had internal conflicts and stopped keeping the commandments. It's cool how often it talks about how the Lord keeps His word and His covenants. It's helped strengthen my faith and I love reading it.

I love being here. It's sometimes tough and trying, but this weeks gonna be better. I know this is the truth and that's all that really matters. I love you all so much!! KEEP GETTING READY MIKE!

Also, happy Fathers' Day Dad! (That's next Sunday right?

I love you!

Elder Blomfield