Sunday, 16 June 2013


Family! Thanks for writing. You're awesome.

Dad! What's going on with the site down there and the business in general? Fill me in on the details! I really like that quote you sent me. Another one I like is, "Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." I hope you enjoy your trip! Love ya!

Mum! Haha it is pretty interesting working with so many sisters. Some are really great, but some struggle a lot. Luckily with the changes we just had, things should be looking up! I'm so stoked. I liked those answers you sent to me about the Sabbath Day stuff. That scripture was awesome. I also really liked those examples about how the church in other countries celebrates the Sabbath on other days. That was sweet. Thanks! So how was going through the temple with Michael?? Tell me what you thought as you went through with him. Love ya!

Michael! I'm so happy you got to go through the temple. Isn't it awesome? I'm glad you had such a great experience. It's so awesome. There's so much still to learn. I'm jealous you get to go through on your mission. I've had to go two years without it! I love the temple. I hope you have fun with all your friends and stuff. Any crazy plans? Nice job looking up the Sabbath day stuff. You rock. How goes your Preach My Gospel reading? And your scripture reading? Are you gonna buy new scriptures before you leave? I hope you have an awesome week. Love you bro!

Charly! That sucks about homework and everything. Nice job getting those awards in that banquet! How did you say grace at the banquet? I remember when I had to do that at grad and it was pretty weird. I didn't really know what to do hahaha. So do you wanna go on a mission? Love ya!

Jake! Nice job getting athlete of the year! You're awesome. That sucks about having bad weather down at the cabin. When do your exams start? How goes your scripture reading? Love ya Jake!

Alrighty! So there were transfers today! Elder Carter and I are staying, but there are some pretty awesome changes going on in our zone. I'm pretty stoked. Sadly, Elder Sáenz, our District Leader, is leaving. I got along really well with him, but now he's going off to Tomé. His comp, Elder Brown, is gonna be our new District Leader now, and he's gonna train. Elder Holt, our other District Leader, is heading off to be Zone Leader in Parral. He's gonna do a great job over there. Elder Clawson, his companion, who's really young, is gonna be our other District Leader now and he's gonna train too. It's gonna be pretty sweet. I love working with young missionaries cause they're normally really good at learning. Two of the sisters from different sectors are leaving to go be companions and whitewash another sector. They had some difficulties you could say, but I hope they do well in their new sector. We're stoked cause one of the sister leaders in the mission is gonna be in our zone. Tons of our problems will be solved now.

So this week we saw some progress and some miracles in our sector as well. Alejandra, who went to church two weeks ago, is progressing quite a bit. We didn't have contact with her for like half the week cause she never picked up her phone at work and we never caught her when she was home. Anyway, we finally got contact and she went to church again. I'm really excited for her. We're also working with someone named Manuel who's the husband of a less active who's coming back. They have a litter 3-year-old daughter named Constanza too. They all went to church yesterday and we had a Family Home Evening last night too with a member family. It was awesome. I'm really excited for their progress.

Today for lunch with the zone we went to a sweet restaurant called Mamut. It was soo good. It was north american food and was so tasty. I had forgotten how great food can really taste hahaha. I loved it.

Today I was studying in Mosiah when Abinadi preached to King Noah in the Book of Mormon, and how he taught so boldly about Jesus Christ. It was really spiritual for me being able to see how strong he was with his testimony, even when he was being burned by the wicked priests. It was a testimony builder for me of the divinity of Jesus Christ and I came to appreciate a lot more the atonement and sacrifice of the Savior and the importance of that in our lives. It's really such a miracle. I love reading the Book of Mormon cause it helps strengthen my faith in the Savior.

I love being a missionary! I never want it to end. I'm so glad I extended, cause if I didn't, this would be my last transfer. I'm excited to keep working here and helping people progress in the gospel. I'm so grateful for the tests and trials the Lord gives us to grow. Thanks for all your prayers and support. I love you all!


Elder Blomfield