Sunday, 16 June 2013


Family! Thanks for writing and fasting! You're the best.

Dad! . Hopefully Michael's visa comes in soon. Wow, I'm glad to hear that Ken Sherwood was able to be ok. I hope things turn out well. That's great news about JoJo! I'm so happy he finally got accepted. Will it be easier now for other workers as well?? By the way, remember when I talked to you about buying a copper picture of the Calgary Temple? I bought it today along with some copper Chile bookmarks. In total it was like 120 bucks. Love you Dad!

Mum! Hahaha all the Chileans say we could be brothers. For them, everyone with blonde hair and blue eyes look the same. What exactly has been going on with Kenna? What's all the drama in her class and stuff? Nice job being a missionary!! I was reading this morning in Alma 37 about how by small and simple means the Lord does great things. I think by following those little promptings, the Lord will help a lot! Tell Stephen and Laura that I approve of that name. Make sure they have it clear that Peter must remain the first name though. Hahaha. That sounds great to me, going to the cabin and whatever. It's not like there's gonna be a lot of time in Calgary for me to get involved in anything anyway. Love you Mum!

Michael! I'm glad you had fun with your friends. Is Asian Josh going on a mission too? I hope your visa comes in here soon. Did they say about how much longer you'll have to wait or anything?  Nice pictures bud. I give you an approval if you know what I mean. What the heck is with that drawing of you on a horse? That's ridiculous. My comp laughed his head off at it. Keep preparing yourself Mike. I know you're gonna be an awesome missionary. Love you bro! 

Charly! I hope you're doing well! Haven't heard from you. Love you!

Jake! Haven't heard from you either. I hope everything's going great! You excited to finish school soon? Love ya!

This week has been pretty good in some senses and it's been a little challenging as well. The other day felt the starting of a cough so bought some medicine, but it's gotten worse. Today I feel a lot better than yesterday though which is great. It's a pretty nasty chest cough and it's a little harder to breathe. Everything's under control though. I had to breathe in some steam and stuff to try and clear up my lungs a bit. I'm gonna go grab some more medicine in a bit and I already talked to Sister Humphrey about it. Hopefully I get better soon! It's been raining a lot so I've gotten a little wet and stuff.

Manuel is progressing. He's kind of a quiet guy, although I wouldn't really say he's shy. He's really cool with us and stuff but sometimes when we talk about the gospel it's tough for him to open up a ton. We were worried at the beginning of the week that maybe he was doing it more for his wife and didn't have real desires. We talked to him and prayed and studied for him and everything, but we were still kind of unsure. He hasn't recognized a firm answer about the Book of Mormon. We've focused a lot on that, but now we're gonna try and just move on and keep teaching him, expecting that as we do so he'll receive an answer and be prepared for baptism. I remember the same thing kind of happening with David in Coelemu. Anyway, yesterday as I was reading in Alma 32, I understood the conversion process better. He's just recently planting the seed in his heart, and based on his actions, he's letting it have room there. I think sometimes we expect or the investigators expect for an immediate answer, but the Book of Mormon describes it as more of a growing and swelling feeling. We don't have a perfect knowledge, but we do know that what we are experimenting is something good based on the results it has in our lives. Then with time as we keep nurturing the tree with faith, patience, and dilligence, it'll give forth fruit. He's been seeing more unity and happiness in his family and he enjoys church, so I think those little experiences are equivalent for that swelling feeling for him. I feel confident he'll get baptized, although I'm not sure about this week.  

I'm a little worried about Alejandra. On Saturday night we had an appointment with her, but then we called her and she was out of town. As I was talking to her the phone cut out (I dunno if she hung up or if the signal just dropped) and then I tried calling back a bunch of times, but she still hasn't picked up. We're concerned for her, so please pray!

This week has been sweet cause I've read a bunch of the missionary scriptures from the Book of Mormon. Something cool I noticed in both the stories of King Lamoni and his father, is that Ammon and Aaron weren't the ones who taught and caused the conversion of the king's people. After they had fallen like they were dead on the ground, this happened.

Alma 19:31 And he, immediately, seeing the contention among his people, went forth and began to rebuke them, and to teach them the words which he had heard from the mouth of Ammon; and as many as heard his words believed, and were converted unto the Lord.

Alma 22:23 "...And the king stood forth, and began to administer unto them. And he did minister unto them, insomuch that his whole household were converted unto the Lord."

For me, it shows how the testimony of a "member friend" is more powerful than that of the missionaries. It was thanks to the king and all he did to help the missionaries afterwards, that so many people were converted. The Book of Mormon is great. I love it.

Something crazy I forgot to tell you a couple weeks ago that I saw. There are a lot of dogs here and I've seen some pretty nasty things, but I think we saw something that takes the cake. The other day we were walking and we saw this dog just sitting there chewing on something. As we got closer, we realized it was a kitten. IT WAS DISGUSTING! It had just bitten it's head off. Sorry for the gross image, but just wanted to give you a little picture of how things are here haha.

Today we had a little zone activity. It wasn't anything big, but I'd say it was a win. Some of the sisters in the zone made french toast and we had a big breakfast together with a delicious syrup they made. It was awesome. Sometimes being in a zone with so many sisters has its challenges, but it also has its benefits. Actually, right now, we have GREAT missionaries. There are basically no problems with disobedience or lack of unity or anything. It's awesome!

I know this is the true church. I know this is the Lord's work. I've felt His Spirit and His love. Something I learned this week is that the Lord is always there to help us, but we are the ones that distance ourselves from Him. We can go through the motions, but when we really start to pray with sincerity, talking with Heavenly Father, He hears us and we draw closer to Him. I know Jesus Christ is our Saviour. I know this is His church. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. I love this so much.

Love you all!!

Elder Blomfield