Tuesday, 9 July 2013


FAMILY! Thanks for writing. It was good to hear from you all. I wrote Michael a separate letter just for him.

Dad! That's crazy with all that destruction back home. Sounds like a war zone. I'm glad to hear that everyone's been helping out though! That'll be an awesome missionary opportunity too, seeing all the members out in their Mormon Helping Hands shirts and everything. Hopefully it gets some publicity out there. How's Grandad Steward doing now? I hope he's feeling better. Keep me updated. That's awesome about that extra sacrament meeting they did. How's work been going? Also, I wanted to ask you to see if you could look into an prospects of me buying a car at some point when I get back. I dunno if it's too late for before I head off to BYU and I dunno what the laws are and stuff for bringing a car down there, but if you could look into the possibilities and prices of some stuff that would be great! It'll be something I'll need at some point. Thanks Dad! Love ya!

Mum! Looks like you all had a blast doing all that flood clean-up. I bet it's been a pretty weird experience, especially since nothing like that ever happens in Calgary. We had a ton of rain this week and got SOAKED! My coat and my backpack smell terrible from being so wet. Mold grows on everything here even when it's not wet so I've had to be careful with that. All in all though, everything's good. It's been a pretty crazy experience in my new sector. I'm loving it though! Just trying to stay as focused as I can and serve the best I can. Love you Mum!

Charly! Congrats on doing so great in school and stuff and for bringing your friend to those service activities. Don't wait til fall to do more church stuff with her, invite her to church and get the missionaries over there!!! I bet it's crazy with all the flooding and stuff. I bet it was awesome doing all that service and stuff. Love ya!

Jake! Did you go and do all this service stuff too? How was it? So you're already finished school then? What are your plans for the summer? Love you!

This week has been CRAZY! To start it off, my companion, Elder Walker, has now left. He finishes the mission at the same time as me so they couldn't just leave us together in the same sector cause it would need to be whitewashed afterwards. Anyway, he got sent of to Chillán, and now I'm comps with an Argentine named Elder Falcón. He got baptized like a year before his mission, but I don't know him really well yet. With Elder Walker, we had a great time. He's an awesome missionary, and knew Braedon Wood pretty well too. He's super loving and a great example and I learned a lot from him about serving with love. He lives in Springville, Utah, so we'll still probably be in contact after the mission which will be good.

Anyway, I'm completely lost in my new sector. I'm gonna be praying a TON to be able to try and find my way around and stuff. We've got a few great investigators which is awesome. There are a few part-member families which are always great to work with. It's great cause baptizing one person brings an entire family into the gospel. I love it. This week we brought a few families to church which was awesome. One of the people, Carolina, is married to an inactive member named Pedro and their whole family came. Teaching Carolina is really weird cause she has basically no background knowledge of religion. She's heard of it and stuff and believes in God but has no idea what that means. It's kind of a cool experience cause we have to teach really simply. It's different cause most people here have at least somewhat of a religious background or at least understand it a little bit. Teaching her is awesome.

We also found this guy named Sergio, who's this guy who fixes tv's for a living. He lives alone and is in a wheelchair. As we were teaching him, there was a huge storm with thunder and lightning. I've hardly ever seen that here so that was pretty crazy. The house was shaking as we were teaching. It was awesome.

Yesterday I finished reading the Book of Mormon. I think this time I studied it better than I ever have before. I can't even tell you how much I love that book. As I read I understand the sacrifice that the prophets went through to get that book into our hands, and I am so grateful for it. It's so clear about how the Lord always keeps His promises and blesses us as we are faithful to Him. I know Jesus Christ lives and I love Him. My understanding of the atonement and the restoration has grown immensely as I've read it. As I finished the last page, I knelt down and prayed, and had it confirmed once again that it was true.

President Arrington arrived on Friday, and we met him today. We had Leaders' Counsel and learned a lot. It's been kind of a weird and emotional day. Every time there are exchanges it's kind of a shake up and it always makes me reflect about my mission. That on top of getting a new President and changing missions and everything has been pretty crazy. I've been praying and setting goals to make sure these last weeks are the best I can ever have. I don't really care what anyone else thinks about my service, I just want the Lord to be happy. I've grown so much and I have to make this time count. I love being here so much and I love serving the Lord. I've grown so much and I've learned to really love the Lord. Please pray that these weeks will be successful and that I'll be able to think clearly as I serve. I'll be praying for you all and for Michael in the MTC as well. 

I know this is the Lord's work. I love it, and I love you all too.

Elder Blomfield