Tuesday, 9 July 2013

24 JUNE 2013 Pretty weird week. Tons of changes

Family!  Thakns all for writing! That's crazy with all the flooding and stuff holy cow. Dejó la escoba. Forward this to Mike please since I don't have his email.

Dad! That was pretty sweet seeing Braden Lyons on the broadcast. I kind of heard of the flooding from someone here. Good thing nothing happened to our house. Looks like it was a pretty close call. It seems so crazy to me that so much flooding could come from all that rain. That's insane. Hopefully everything gets fixed up pretty quick here. Is down town still underwater and everything? Any estimates on how much the government will be forking out to fix all the damages? The cleaning up is gonna be a great opportunity for missionary work. Love you Dad!

Mum! I couldn't get that thing you sent me from Grandma and Grandad Steward. It doesn't work with myldsmail. It's pretty weird being in the Conce South mission. It's a totally different culture and they have a way different way of doing things. Personally, I way prefer my mission haha. President Humphrey basically just asked me where Michael was going and stuff. Also, in the interview he basically said marriage needs to be a priority and how I need to look for someone who respects me and who I respect. He also told me to trust your judgement as to whether or not the person would be a good wife or not. Pretty interesting conversation seeing as I kinda have to put that on hold for a couple months. I'm glad to hear nothing happened to the family in the flooding. Seems like it was pretty nuts! Love you Mum!

Michael! When's your P-Day?? What's MTC like now? I imagine it's pretty different from 2 years ago when I was there. Quite a lot has changed since then. Now you're there for way less time and I bet it's flooded with sister missionaries. How's the Spanish coming? Tell me about your companion and your district and everything. I'm stoked for you! Keep me updated about what you think about mission life and stuff. You're gonna do a great job. Did you get to go to the Marriott Center last night?? Love you bro!

Charly! Thanks for writing, even if it was to both of us. Congrats with all your medals and awards and stuff! You're awesome. You always do great. I hope everything goes well in your piano exam. I remember when I took mine it was pretty tough. The hardest part was trying to figure out what interval it was when they played both notes. What kind of dance are you doing? When is Moroni's Quest? You're so lucky you don't have exams. Love ya!

Jake! Nice job getting Honours with Distinction! I'm really proud of you. Also good job with the gym award. I bet you're stoked about not having exams. Why did they do the awards assembly before giving you your marks after exams? You rock. Love you Jake.

This week has been completely crazy. I'm in limbo, seeing as the Concepcion South mission is kind of just dropping us, and we still haven't made the switch to our mission. They have a way different way of working. It's interesting, but I'm excited to get things going back to how they are in Concepcion. It's just a different culture that's tough to adjust to. The verification with our missionaries is way less intense in Concepcion South, the district meetings are a little different as well. The teaching isn't nearly as focused on commitments and stuff. It's way different.

Our ward ROCKS though. I'm so stoked. Our Bishop is a Preach My Gospel returned missionary and is like 27. He's hilarious and has a ton of vision for the ward. It seems like the most vibrant and active ward I've been in. My ward is called Cruz del Sur (Southern Cross) in the Talcahuano South Stake. There are tons of returned Preach My Gospel missionaries too so they work really well. The bishop is hilarious, but always comes and swears at us in English joking around which is pretty ridiculous. I'm excited to work in the ward.

Anyway, that transmission last night was AWESOME. I'm so stoked. I felt the Spirit a lot. I felt like I got like a pure vision of what missionary work is. God's will is just to build Zion and bring about the salvation of His children. I'm so excited for the members and the missionaries to work better together. It got me pumped to be a member missionary my entire life. I'm super stoked to see the work move. I really felt like the work was being sped up.

We had a pretty awesome conference today. President and Sister Humphrey said bye to everyone. The entire mission came to the conference and it was pretty crazy. It was sad to say bye. They got really emotional and stuff. I felt the Spirit a ton too. It's weird to realize that their service is coming to an end this week as mission President and his wife.

Anyway. I love being here. It's the best. Thanks for all your support!!! Sorry I'm kinda rushed so I couldn't write that much. I love you!!!

Elder Blomfield