Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Family! Thanks for writing. You rock.

Dad! Sounds like the week's been crazy. Sounds like Moroni's Quest was a huge success. I'm still jealous I never got to go when I was younger. I should try and do that GDL driving thing when I get back, but it would probably be good to do a few practice runs first. I'm sure I'm pretty rusty. I'm glad you enjoyed doing all that service. Has there at least been a lot of progress in the city? Is there still a ton of water? About the car too, I have really no idea what to look for. Maybe you could fill me in on some of the options? Love ya!

Mum! It was pretty crazy being with Elder Walker such a short time. He was an awesome missionary. How did all the youth react to Moroni's Quest? Did they all bear there testimonies on Sunday? I hope it helps a lot of the youth to make more solid decisions about going on missions and stuff. I'm glad Grandad's doing well now. Keep praying for me Mum! Love you!

Charly! Haven't heard from you this week, but how have you been? What did you think of Moroni's Quest? You stoked for EFY? Love ya!

Jake! What was your favourite part of Moroni's Quest? How did you feel with the reenactment of the Saviour's visit? Love you!

This week has been pretty good. I've been a little lost trying to figure out where everyone lives and everything in the sector, but as a whole we're seeing some progress. We found a bunch of new investigators this week, but didn't have many people in church unfortunately. We've set some goals and made some plans to fix that this week though. On Tuesday, we got SOAKED cause there was a huge storm and we were just walking around completely lost the entire day. It was fun though.

My new comp is pretty cool. He's from the province of Buenos Aires - not the city itself - and has about a year and a half in the mission. He's a new zone leader and he's got tons of new ideas. It's awesome. I like having him as a comp cause he's gon tons of energy and is keeping me on my toes. It's awesome. We've done a few companionship exchanges and what not this week to try and help out the missionaries which has been good. 

We're still seeing some struggles in trying to change the mission culture, especially with the verification we do with our missionaries. The ConcepciĆ³n South missionaries aren't used to it and it's kinda tough to change so fast. For the most part however, the missionaries have a great attitude and we have really good zone unity. That's been good at least. We've only had struggles with one missionary really who's not being completely cooperative, but we have interviews with President Arrington this week so that should help us out.

Today we had a fun zone activity which was pretty sweet. We went to the beach and played some mix between american football and ultimate frisbee. It was too windy to use a frisbee so we just played with a ball. It was pretty fun, but there were like five dogs who kept wanting to play too and were chasing us around as we played. Overall it was a blast. We tied it up at the end eating Subway for lunch with those who wanted to. It was good to boost the morale of the missionaries and help them to relax a little bit. 

So I finished the Book of Mormon last week, and I've started reading it again along with the New Testament. I've really liked reading it and I've learned a lot. I'm not very familiar with the Bible cause I've studied the Book of Mormon way more but now I feel more comfortable using it. It's been great.

So I'm really trying to make sure I'm losing myself in the work. I've been reflecting a lot about how the Lord feels with my efforts as a missionary and I've just got a little while left to give it all I've got out here in the field. It's interesting to see how much I've grown and learned but how much more I still need to learn! I just pray and work so that the Lord will be happy with my efforts. I want to baptize at least one complete family before I finish. I don't have a lot of time to find them, so please pray for us over here! I'm really grateful for this opportunity the Lord has given me to serve. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. 

I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel.

Elder Blomfield