Tuesday, 9 July 2013

17 JUNE 2013 - Cambios! I'm off to Talcahuano but MANUEL GOT BAPTIZED!

Family! Thanks for writing.

Dad! How was your Fathers' Day?? I hope you enjoyed it. What are soffits and facias? Paintball sounds like a blast! that would have been awesome. I'm glad Mike's farewell went well? He's gonna be such a great missionary. I felt great about David Parra. There's nothing better than hearing about the success of a convert. I'm glad Braedon Lyons liked his mission. Where did he go again? Let me know what he says about his mission. Anyway I really wanna thank you for being such a great dad. You've always been a great role model and you've helped me to always have a good direction in my life and to understand the gospel. You've always been a solid example and you've helped me to be independent as well. Thanks for always being such a great provider and leader for us. I also really appreciate the things like giving me work and everything as well. I love you so much and hope you had an awesome Fathers' Day. Love you Dad!

Mum! Sounds like Sunday was really awesome. I'm really proud of Michael. I'm sure he gave a great talk. I hope it helped everyone there to feel the Spirit. That's cool you met someone from my mission! I don't really know who he is though unfortunately. I never really got to meet him. If I remember rightly, I think he was comps with my son, Elder Silva. I'm excited for Michael to get set apart. I still have that copy of my setting apart that you sent me and I read it pretty often. It's cool how I've seen specific things that are mentioned in it happen. Anyway, thanks for everything Mum, I love you!

Michael! I bet you're feeling pretty weird. Before you leave, send me an email with your new mission email address so I can keep writing you. There aren't any new scriptures in Calgary? That's alright though, I'm sure you can buy them in the MTC anyway. Paintballing sounds like a blast. I wanna do that. When I've done it before it's just been in indoor arenas but nothing too big. I'm sure you gave a great talk. Mike, you're going to be an excellent missionary. Today I had my exit interview with President Humphrey since he's leaving in a couple weeks and wanted to interview me before he left. Time flies by so fast. All the Lord requires of you is your best. He just requires that you give Him everything you've got, and that you make a sincere effort to improve. I've been left in awe so many times when as I feel like I'm doing everything I can but not getting anywhere, the Lord steps in and works a miracle. It's the Lord's work and He directs it. Don't worry about the language, just dedicate yourself to studying it. Try and speak it as much as you can, starting in the MTC. The faster you get it down, the more quickly you'll be able to have a more powerful effect in the lives of your investigators. Remember your purpose, follow your leaders, be exactly obedient, study hard, and strengthen your relationship with the Lord. There are some awesome scriptures that talk about the importance of making sure our relationship is ok with the Lord before we can do His work. 3 Nephi 8:1 talks about how we need to be cleansed of sin to work miracles. Also, in the book of Enos, it shows that before he could preach and bless the lives of others, he had to receive the forgiveness of his own sins first. Anyway, I'm sure you're gonna be a way better missionary than me. I love you Mike. Que tenga mucho éxito my guachito. Hahaha good luck with that Chilean Spanish. I LOVE YOU MIKE! GO TEAR IT UP!

Charly! How are you doing?? When does school finish? Love ya!

Jake! Same thing. How are you feeling with school coming to an end? Love you.

Kenna! How are you doing? How was father's day?? What did you do for him? Love you Kenna.

Izaac! How are you?? I hope you're doing well. Love you bud!

So, the transfers have arrived, and I'm off to Talcahuano with someone named Elder Walker. He finishes his mission with me, so that'll be interesting. I think they're gonna have to do some weird switch or something to not have to whitewash the sector. We'll see. I'm really excited. It's gonna be a great opportunity to learn from the other mission and to help my missionaries to learn from our mission. For two weeks I'm gonna be in the Concepción South Mission. That's gonna be crazy. There are a lot of things we do normally here, that won't be normal for them over there, so I'm gonna have to find a way to try and mix the good ideas from both missions without drowning the missionaries in too much new information. It's gonna be interesting. Other cool news, my son is going to be a zone leader up in Curicó! He's gonna be part of the Rancagua Mission.

Great news for this week. MANUEL GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was really such a miracle. I had been praying and fasting so much. He's such a great man and will be such a great member of the church. I was sad that I was gonna leave Penco without baptizing anyone, but the Lord blessed us with a miracle. We taught him during the week and he still had trouble accepting Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson as prophets. On top of that, people at his work were giving him opposition. He read and prayed a bunch, but still didn't have a solid answer. Anyway, on Thursday, he still hadn't even had his interview, and didn't feel ready. Anyway, Elder Brown did an interveiw on Friday to try and help him more than anything, and after a really long interview where they read a talk and prayed together and stuff, Manuel decided to get baptized. I was so happy, and I got to baptize him. He's so awesome. I've seen a change in him and he's really trying to do what's right. It was great! By the way, he's also awesome at playing electric guitar. He played a little bit for us on Saturday morning and it was sweet. 

So something else kinda crazy happened this week too. Seeing as President and Sister Humphrey leave in two weeks, President wanted to interview me before he left. I had an exit interview with him this morning which was pretty weird. He talked to me about my mission, also he asked about Michael going on his mission and stuff, and gave me basically a pep talk for life. He talked to me about studying and working in something I have a passion for, and about dating and marriage stuff. It was pretty weird, especially seeing as I have 2 months left in my mission. Basically, I'm just gonna have to put that all on hold til I finish haha. It was good and I'm really gonna miss him and Sister Humphrey, as well as all the missionaries that left. After my interview in his house, all the dying missionaries came over to have a big testimony meeting and eat lunch. We're a pretty big group. In total, there were 22 of us. Some of my old companions were there like Elder Gómez, Elder Arana, and Elder Nogales. The testimony meeting was really powerful and I really felt the Spirit. It was a moment to take all the pressures and responsibilities off that we have in mission life, and take a look at the people we've become. We've all progressed and learned so much, and I'm so grateful to have served with such great missionaries. We ate some delicious enchaladas for lunch, and then went to the airport to drop them off. It was weird to see all these people I've served with for 2 years walk through security to leave the mission. It was a huge wake up call to me and I'm so happy I extended. I love being here so much. It's really tough for me to put into words how I feel and all the experiences I've had, but I am so grateful that I've had this opportunity, and I'm so grateful that the Lord has allowed me to be His servant. I know this is His work. Luckily, I still have a couple months left before finishing. I've got to make it count.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He is my Savior. He's done so much for me and I'm so grateful for Him. I know this is His truth.

Mike, I'm gonna miss you bud. I'm choked that I won't have seen you for 4 years. You're my best friend. But I know the Lord needs you out there, and you're going to be a great missionary. I love you so much bud.

Anyway, it's kind of been an emotional rollercoaster of a day, as it sounds like it has been for all of you these last few days. Anyway, I love you all a ton.

¡Nos vemos!

Elder Blomfield