Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Family!! This is a pretty weird email to be writing, knowing it'll be the last time I write to you on my mission. WEIRD. Anyway, I've still got a week left to serve so I'm not throwing in the towel yet! I still can't believe that so much time has passed.

Dad! That's awesome about that well and stuff. Good to hear your arms doing better. Sounds like the age is definitely getting to you. I think I need to remind you of what you told be before the mission. If it ever gets to the point when you're calling me to come clean you up after going to the bathroom, I'm bringing the shotgun. Hopefully it goes well in Calaway today. I really hope things go well for Joseph and Jenny! I'll be praying for them. Love you Dad! Try not to get too trunky!

Mum! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Nice breakfast in bed! I'm totally jealous. The new focus in the mission is awesome. I'm so excited. President Arrington has an awesome vision. I bet that was a fun class to teach to all the kids - marriage and family. How are the missionaries doing in our ward?? Are they seeing any progress? Who are they working with? I would love to work a bunch with them but I'm not gonna be in the house for hardly any time at all. Help them find investigators!!! That's awesome that Sam's leaving now too. The family's gonna be full of Spanish speakers. THAT IS THE NUMBER ONE TRUNKIEST QUESTION EVER! What food am I craving!? I have no idea. Hmm... I honestly can't think of anything. I've been sitting here thinking but nothing specific comes to mind. I like anything!! Just surprise me. Thanks though! Love you!

Elder Blomfield dos! ¿Cómo estai mi guachito rico? ¿Cómo anda la cuestión por allá? Que bakan que estai en el campo ya. Yapo no me podí decir esas tonteras po. Si me caso me caso no má y tení que aceptarlo loco. Allí vemos. Igual no lo veo muy pronto para nada así que no te preocupí tanto. Estoy comenzando de cero con eso así que ni un brillo. Enchúfate plancha de campo y pónete a trabajar y hácelo luego. ¿Hace mucho calor allá? Me imagino que andai más hediondo que calcetín de mormón. Y sabí que má, te quiero mucho y te echo mucho de menos. Good luck translating that! Sounds like you've had some pretty awesome experiences so far. I hope you tear it up out there. Baptize that family bro that's so sick they just showed up! I heard about doing that Priesthood blessing thing from my last comp but I never really understood it much. Explain it to me. Bueno cuídate mi guacho. Te quiero.

Charly! NO COWS. I WILL KILL YOU. EFY is gonna be so awesome. I loved going to EFY. Tell me all about your experiences and stuff. Just try not to get moody when you get back. I remember for me after EFY it was always hard caused I missed my friends and the spiritual high and everything, but just remember to apply everything you learned at EFY at home. Keep up the habits of prayer and scripture study and you'll keep the same Spirit. Love you Char! Behave yourself.

Jake! Didn't hear from you this week. Hope you have a blast at EFY! Read what I wrote to Char cause it's basically the same for you too, just like Mike said, you're allowed to have COWs.Love you bro!

Kenna! You're so trunky! Nice job water skiing. You'll have to teach me cause I've probably forgotten. Were you nice to the missionaries? Love ya!

This week is the last week of my mission. I can't believe it. I feel so old, but so grateful for the experience I've had on the mission. I've learned so much and progressed a ton. I think what I've most learned is that there is nothing more important for me than the gospel. Nothing makes me so happy, and there's nothing I prefer doing than teaching it. The experiences I've had have helped me grow tons and I've developed a closer relationship with the Savior. I just feel so much gratitude that in spite of all my weaknesses I've been able to serve Him and represent Him. I've watched people's lives change as they accept and live the gospel. I love it.

Stephanie is set on getting baptized, and was gonna do it this week, but decided to wait til next week so her whole family can be there for her baptism and confirmation. Unfortunately they're gonna be traveling. I won't be here for her baptism, but I'm sure I'll see the photos. She's had a huge change and I'm so happy for her. This week she went to church with her sister, her niece, and her parents even showed up about 20 minutes before the third hour ended. It was so awesome. Little by little we're seeing progress with the entire family.

The ward here is so awesome. I love it to death. The members and the leaders are great, and I've learned tons from them. They're so dedicated to their callings and I've never seen a ward so stoked about missionary work. They support us 100% and all have the vision to share the gospel. We've odne a bunch of activities, we're just now focusing on helping them bring their friends to the activities. This Friday we had an activity and everyone drank matte, some weird tea type of drink. A bunch of the members came and we got to share with them a missionary message and the Spirit was felt. I love it.

This morning we had breakfast with the bishop. He's hilarious. I definitely wanna maintain contact with him. He's kind of wild and crazy at times, but he's got a great vision for what he wants with the ward. He focuses a lot on having love between the members and on following the spirit of the law. A lot of times the members seem to focus a lot on knowing the doctrine, but when it comes down to applying Christlike love, he says that's the struggle. It made me think a lot about the gospel and about the reason we do it all. Really we should be motivated by a sincere desire to love and help others, not just simply to correct them or whatever. It's awesome.

Anyway, I've got one week left to go work. Pray for me a bunch, cause I've got to make it count. I know there are people waiting for the gospel, and I've never felt more motivated to go out and help them. In spite of the fact that I'm finishing my mission and stuff, I still feel really focused. I was worried that maybe towards the end it would be tempting to start to relax and not work as hard, but that hasn't really happened. I feel like I've got a stronger dedication than ever to the mission. I'm sure the Lord has helped a ton in helping my stay focused and I'm sure all your prayers have played a huge part in all that.

Thank you so much for all your support. I love you tons!

Elder Blomfield


Family! I can't believe how trunky you're all getting. Hahaha I think the families must always get trunkier than the missionaries themselves.

Dad! Sorry you had to go back home to work and stuff. That must be a real drag. How's work going right now? How many Jamaicans did you hire and when?? That would be pretty sweet with that online language training thing. I would love to teach people Spanish. The cool thing is that I signed up for a BYU Spanish class, and afterwards I can take a test. If I pass the test, apparently I get an A for 16 credits which would be a big boost for my GPA. That's more than a semester of straight A's. Big win there. With the language, it was a little different for me than I imagine it will be for Michael, cause here I'm kind of surrounded by Spanish whereas I bet there'll be a bunch of English where he's at. It took about two weeks before I felt like I could at least mostly understand the people and get by a little bit, but it took probably about 3 months-ish before I started to feel really comfortable. The baptismal date and  ordination stuff is basically so I can help out in updating the records on MLS down here, although, there's not much point with me setting all that up now. My comp could just do it instead. Love you Dad! How did you know about the 4th missionary thing??

Mum! Thanks for dealing with all that work stuff. It was pretty funny. Sister Kimball from the mission office called me and told me you had called. I thought, oh my gosh Mum's losing her patience. She's getting WAY too trunky. hahaha. Anyway sounds like everything will go well anyway. Hopefully there aren't any problems with the payment stuff. It was kind of an eye opener to the real world having to deal with all that stuff, but I still try to just focus on what I'm doing right now. It is pretty hilarious to think that I'm gonna be teaching American Heritage to a bunch of American citizens. That will be a blast. I'm worried about my ability to grade their papers considering my English is terrible right now. Who knows, I might even teach one of my missionary comps or something. It's easy to lose focus if I let myself but if I keep my mind in the work everything's fine. I feel like a normal missionary and I've still got a lot of work to do so everything's good there. That's hilarious about Charly and Jake talking about EFY haha they seem too young for that kind of stuff, at least the Charly and Jake I remember. I feel old just hearing that. That surfing sounds awesome. I'm stoked to try it. I heard about it before but never had the chance to do it. That's too bad about the bees and stuff. We'll have to see what to do to fix it. That's a cool experience with that repair guy. Nice job being a missionary! A lot of people have the same kind of thoughts he does about losing trust in church organizations cause of all the stuff that's happened recently.

Elder Blomfield dos! Te escribo aparte.

Charly! I bet your stoked for EFY, but if I hear about anything with any boy or anything, I'll be home soon to kill him, and to chain your door shut, so watch yourself. I'm sure you'll have a blast though, but if I find out about any COW business there will be problems. Anyway, have fun! Get the most out of it you can. Love you Char!

Jake! EFY is gonna rock. I hope you have a blast. You'll have to tell me all about it and about all the girls you meet and stuff. I agree with what Mike said. For Char, COWs are off limits, but you can go for it if you want. Just make sure you behave yourself or I'll destroy you. Why the heck don't you try surfing??? That sounds like SO much fun! We're gonna go surfing when I'm there whether you like it or not anyway. Love you Jake!

Kenna! Thank you so much for writing me. Sounds like you love the cabin. You're so trunky! Love you Kenna!

This week was pretty awesome, especially in church. Stephanie is progressing really well. She's unsure about her date for this weekend to get baptized, cause she's still got some more changes to make with some of the commandments and stuff, but she's set on doing it at some point. I just hope it's while I'm here! She's progressing tons though. She said she now feels the Book of Mormon is true and everything. That's awesome cause she was kind of iffy about that last week. She said she's just felt little by little that it's true. It's awesome. Anyway, she met a bunch more members this week. On Saturday we had a big fried fish lunch to raise money for a member who's got some serious and expensive health problems (so much that he has to pay like 2000 dollars a week for the treatment supposedly - that's more than 5 times as much a regular Chilean here makes every month). Stephanie came to that and met a bunch of members. On Sunday, everyone basically attacked her and made her feel really welcome. This ward rocks!

We also found this old investigator named Piero that the missionaries taught a ways back. He took a baptismal date right away and came to church on Sunday. It was awesome. He also loved church, cause everyone made him feel so welcome. When he left he told us how cool he thought everyone was and how the single adults invited him to an activity next week and everything. It was so cool, cause we had our PEC meeting with the leadership on Sunday Morning, and right away they went to work and fellowshipping the investigators we brought. I've never been in such a pro-active ward. It makes our job so much easier, cause now Piero's always gonna look forward to coming to church, and it isn't just gonna be a spiritual thing for him, but also a social thing.

We had leadership counsel this week and it was incredible. I learned TONS. In the mission before, the whole focus was just on baptizing, but based on what we learned in that huge broadcast, for the Lord there isn't any line dividing convert baptisms and less active reactivation and stuff. Now our mission's going to be applying that WAY more. President Arrington has the vision of establishing the church and seeing real growth. I just hope the expectations of working with investigators don't drop. What I basically learned is that missionary work is pointless if there's no retention, and the retention efforts of the mission are pretty low. It's something we've always known, but it's never been really made a focus in the mission. Now that it's gonna be more of an expectation from President, our work in that is gonna be way better. We've now got some pretty awesome standards of re-teaching all the lessons after baptism within a month, and teaching the lessons to returning less-actives as well. Ife we keep up with this kind of work, Chile is gonna get so strengthened. I can't wait. I felt the Spirit a lot, and I gotta say I'm jealous of the new missionaries in the mission. The mission has progressed so much in the last two years I've been here. I look back at the things we did two years ago and as a mission we have progressed a TON. Everything is so much more effective and the leadership in the mission has improved a lot too.

Anyway, I read this awesome talk called the 4th missionary. That's why I asked how you knew about that Dad. It's awesome. I've read it before, but it basically talks about how the highest class of missionary is he that is consecrated to the Lord. Some missionaries are right out disobedient, while as some are obedient but almost against their own will. They serve a mission and have the Spirit and see the blessings in the lives of others, but don't benefit completely personally from their missions because they don't give their hearts and minds to the Lord. The put their own desires on hold and sacrifice their wants to do the Lord's, but inside have a constant battle about it and have a "bite-the-bullet" approach to their service. The best missionaries don't fight against the Lord, and even though they have weaknesses and trials and discouragement like the rest, they don't fight against the Lord. Their deepest desire is to do the will of the Lord and they don't see serving Him as having to count the cost or give something up. Rather they see it as the only intelligent thing to do since obviously He knows better than we do. I'll have to show you the talk when I get back, cause it really gave me a whole new perspective on life.

Anyway, I'm just trying to stay focused and work hard these last couple weeks. It's weird knowing that my time as a full-time missionary is coming to an end, but I've still got time left here, and a lifetime left of service wherever I go later in life. I love you all a ton! Keep praying for me. I'll keep praying for you. Keep sharing the gospel!

¡Les amo mucho!

Elder Blomfield


Thanks for writing fam! Good to hear from you all. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! It was a pretty awesome day. Nothing too exciting, but the first counselor of the Bishop announced it in sacrament meeting the wollybasher. Haha it was pretty funny. I love this ward! Then a less active family that's coming back gave me a little bit of cake later. Que rico. Plus this morning the Bishop invited us to eat breakfast at his house. Despite all the english swears he said, it was pretty great.

Dad! Sounds like you and Mum are getting pretty trunky. That makes me feel old now reminding me you got married at 21. That still seems way to far away hahaha. That's AWESOME about Delmar!!! I'm stoked to meet him. Where's he living? You're gonna have to be my comp and we can teach him together. I think I'm gonna need it cause I'm gonna be having some serious mission withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully I don't get all mopey like I always did after EFY though. Anyway, I hope work isn't too much of a drag. Any news on the oil well? Quick question, when was the date of my baptism and ordination to Elder? I need it for something over here. Thanks! Love ya Dad!

Mum! Hahaha don't worry about not sending anything. It's probably best that way so I can stay focused and stuff anyway. You're right about what you said. The great thing about the gospel is that we always have new opportunities to serve the Lord. We aren't limited to just serving a mission or whatever, we can always do it. You're right though, it'll be a juggle. I think the key is just trying to maintain the habits we have in the mission. I've become way more disciplined in my mission which is great, cause sometimes I would get pretty lazy before. The cabin sounds awesome and warm. It's freezing here right now and it's tough to sleep at night. I have 4 blankets, and normally a shirt with two sweaters and shorts under my pajama bottoms. It's FREEZING. Tell Keaton congrats for me!! Also, please review my email account to see any updates on work or anything. Love you Mum!

Michael! Love you bro, I'll write you apart.

Charly! I'm so old!! Haha that sucks that the water gets choppy everytime Dad comes. Hopefully it's not like that when I go! You hate your braces that bad? When does EFY start again? I forgot. Love ya!

Jake! That's awesome you're getting ordained after. That'll cool to be there present. Now you can go to dances and stuff dude! You stoked are what?? Have you figured out how to wakeboard or slalom yet? You gotta do it it's a blast. Love you Jake!

I'M 21 YEARS OLD! Officially legal to drink in the states now. I can't say I feel any different, it just makes me feel like I'm ancient knowing that I turned 19 in the MTC. Weird. Anyway, life in the mission goes on.

So this week we found a bunch of new investigators, but unfortunately none of them progressed much. As with the Maldonado family, Stephanie is the only one showing real signs of progress. For the first time we taught the mother yesterday but she wasn't very receptive at all unfortunately. Her sister Alejandra went with her to church again on Sunday, but she is kind of closing herself off. Unfortunately she can't seem to get past the idea that all churches are ok cause they all believe in God and it doesn't matter what we do as long as we believe in Him. I think that's the biggest challenge I've had here in Chile - pulling people out of that mentality. Besides that though, Stephanie is doing great. She seems to get it a lot more, although had a few difficulties accepting Joseph Smith this week. Pray for them!

We're also working with a recent convert's wife named Carolina. She's really receptive and always goes to church, but she's being so stubborn! We've been really direct with her and helped her to recognized the Spirit, but she insists on wanting more time before getting baptized. The missionaries have worked for her forever. We've focused a lot on that now so wanna work more on just helping her in her repentance process. We think that maybe if she has a more thorought repentance she'll have a change of heart and feel the Spirit.

Also, we did a cool training meeting teaching a few of the ward members how to do this thing to clean up the ward's records. There are more than 800 members in our ward and more than half of the addresses are wrong. It's like that in all of Chile. The members seemed pretty pumped at going to work which is great. I love this ward. They have tons of energy and they're all hilarious. Couldn't think of a better ward to finish in.

Cool experience this week. So I did a companionship exchange with one of our district leaders who was being a little difficult, hoping to try and see what was up. Since the beginning of the cambio it's been tough working with him cause he hasn't really expressed any desires to be here. We wanted to correct him, but I wanted the chance to get to know him more personally first. Anyway, he came to the sector to work with me, and at the beginning didn't show any signs of changing, but as we talked and got to know each other during the day, we became friends and he opened up a ton. We had a great day teaching too. The next day in our comp study, we had a really great chat together and he expressed to me all his personal struggles and the problems he was facing back home and stuff. It was a great spiritual experience, and we set some goals and stuff. Immediately his attitude changed in the week and he progressed a ton. Just goes to show that the best answer before anything else is always loving the person. I think the old me when I was first a zone leader would have just chewed him out for being prideful and disobedient and perhaps he would have changed a little, but it wouldn't have been nearly as effective.

This week my comp and I have had to progress a bunch as a companionship. We sometimes have very different ways of seeing things and it has been a little interesting at times, but I'm doing my best to try and be humble and work together more as a team. It's difficult sometimes when I feel like I'm pulling the sector alone on my back. The Lord does everything for a reason though so I've got things to learn. He's a great missionary and has a lot of great ideas, just sometimes our priorities are a little bit different I guess you could say.

Anyway, here we are working hard with the time that's left. I love being here!  We've got tons to do and not tons of time to do it. Pray for us! I'll be praying for you.

Love you all!

Elder Blomfield


Dad! That must be weird being home alone. The thought of that kinda gives me the shivers. In your shoes I'd be a mess, freaking out looking for my companion. Sounds like the bike trip was fun. I'm so stoked to be able to do that. Getting a bike will definitely have to be a priority. Glad to hear Trevor Persson's doing alright and didn't get hurt or anything. How long were you at the cabin for? Thanks for scheduling the GDL thing. Hopefully I won't have picked up on any Chilean driving habits after riding buses around here for 2 years. They drive crazy. Love you Dad!

Mum! Reading the Book of Mormon again is great, as well as the New Testament. I've learned a lot from it. I'm also reading through Preach My Gospel again. I love it. That's good to hear about Braedon Lyons. In my ward here there are a bunch of recently returned missionaries and I love talking to them about their missions and stuff. It's tough to see their different perspectives and stuff. They all told me it's a little weird adjusting to home life and stuff too. Oooo Mum that countdown is unacceptable. It's crazy how fast time flies. This is my last week to find someone and baptize them before I leave, so pray hard! Love you Mum!

Charly! That's funny you'll be getting your braces off without me even ever seeing you with them. I remember that feeling though, you're gonna love it! Hahahaha sleeping is great isn't it!! I remember something Elder Bassinger said (remember him?) when he was a missionary in our ward. He said he thought that at the beginning of his mission it would get easier to get up earlier as time went on, but that he was wrong. It's a battle every day the entire mission. It's so true! Hahaha it's kind of interesting now cause as soon as I hit the sack I'm out cold, but then the next day my mind just tells my body to move and it obeys.  I think Jane was a counselor one year if I remember right. My favourite EFY was my first year I think, but the third was good too. I loved that spiritual atmosphere and making tons of new friends too. Love you Char!

Jake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You're so old. How is it being 14? When are you gonna get ordained a teacher? Glad to hear you had a good time. I bet the airsoft guns are a blast. What did you get at Outback? You having a lot of fun at the cabin? I don't remember, can you wakeboard yet? Love you Jake.

Kenna! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO!! It's crazy having so many birthdays in the same week. Do you have any fun plans?? How do you feel? Love you Kenna!

Izaac! How are you doing? How's you're time at the cabin been? I hope you're doing well. Love you bud!

Family! This week has been pretty awesome and we had some great experiences.

I've been really trying to work hard and study hard and prepare well to make sure I can give it all I've got. I was feeling a little stressed at times cause I feel a lot of pressure from myself more than anything to be the best I've ever been and to show the Lord my dedication more than ever. I've been praying a lot and trying to serve with as much love as I can. I also focused on being more bold and direct as I teach and asked Heavenly Father for help. I wanted to make sure the Spirit was really present.

Anyway, the Lord started pouring out His blessings. Last Saturday we found a family. The 22-year-old daughter Stephanie had been sharing with the missionaries before I got there. Anyway, they were receptive but hadn't progressed a bunch. We also shared with a friend of one of the daughters in the family. Anyway, a 21-year-old convert of like 2 years named Edgardo knew them and came with us to help out, and they opened up a bunch to teach one of the daughters and her friend since the parents were going on vacation. We taught about the Book of Mormon, and I felt so blessed. The Spirit guided us and they felt the Spirit so strong. They committed strongly to reading the Book of Mormon and to coming to church, and mentioned to us how they could tell just by our countenance that we knew it was true. It was a really cool experience and helped me feel Heavenly Father's love and approval. I love being a missionary.

We also had a mini mission this week. Some young men came from the Talcahuano South Stake to be our companions on Saturday and Sunday. It was cool cause my comp, Pablo Auteli, actually lived in Coelemu before, and I had heard about his family. We had some cool experiences too. On Saturday morning, the sisters from the zone called us with a referral. They had contacted someone and the sister said as she prayed about her plans that night, the guy kept coming into her head and she could sleep. Anyway, at 9:20 on Saturday night, our plans had fallen through, and we still had 10 minutes before going home. I asked my comp if he'd be fine to walk fast to go visit one more person. We hustled over to the man's house who lived kinda far, and the lights were off. We knocked the door anyway, and he turned the lights on, and let us in. He's about 62 and he's a widower. We had to get back to the house before 10 so only had a five minute lesson with him, but we invited him to church and to getting baptized on august 3rd and he accepted. It was such a cool experience. The next morning we called him he was gonna come but later we found out that unfortunately his blood pressure had shot up and he had to go to the hospital.

Another cool experience was that last night we went to go visit a less active family that is coming back to church, but they weren't home. The husband is also a member but hadn't been to church or listened to missionaries in like 20 years. Anyway, he decided to let us in, and even though he was a little hard, he still opened up to us. It was incredible.

Anyway, we've got a big week ahead. We're expecting to see some great miracles and I hope the Lord blesses us. We've got a lot to do in our sector and in the zone. Pray for us!

I love being here. I wish it didn't have to end.

Love you all!

Elder Blomfield