Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Dad! That must be weird being home alone. The thought of that kinda gives me the shivers. In your shoes I'd be a mess, freaking out looking for my companion. Sounds like the bike trip was fun. I'm so stoked to be able to do that. Getting a bike will definitely have to be a priority. Glad to hear Trevor Persson's doing alright and didn't get hurt or anything. How long were you at the cabin for? Thanks for scheduling the GDL thing. Hopefully I won't have picked up on any Chilean driving habits after riding buses around here for 2 years. They drive crazy. Love you Dad!

Mum! Reading the Book of Mormon again is great, as well as the New Testament. I've learned a lot from it. I'm also reading through Preach My Gospel again. I love it. That's good to hear about Braedon Lyons. In my ward here there are a bunch of recently returned missionaries and I love talking to them about their missions and stuff. It's tough to see their different perspectives and stuff. They all told me it's a little weird adjusting to home life and stuff too. Oooo Mum that countdown is unacceptable. It's crazy how fast time flies. This is my last week to find someone and baptize them before I leave, so pray hard! Love you Mum!

Charly! That's funny you'll be getting your braces off without me even ever seeing you with them. I remember that feeling though, you're gonna love it! Hahahaha sleeping is great isn't it!! I remember something Elder Bassinger said (remember him?) when he was a missionary in our ward. He said he thought that at the beginning of his mission it would get easier to get up earlier as time went on, but that he was wrong. It's a battle every day the entire mission. It's so true! Hahaha it's kind of interesting now cause as soon as I hit the sack I'm out cold, but then the next day my mind just tells my body to move and it obeys.  I think Jane was a counselor one year if I remember right. My favourite EFY was my first year I think, but the third was good too. I loved that spiritual atmosphere and making tons of new friends too. Love you Char!

Jake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You're so old. How is it being 14? When are you gonna get ordained a teacher? Glad to hear you had a good time. I bet the airsoft guns are a blast. What did you get at Outback? You having a lot of fun at the cabin? I don't remember, can you wakeboard yet? Love you Jake.

Kenna! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO!! It's crazy having so many birthdays in the same week. Do you have any fun plans?? How do you feel? Love you Kenna!

Izaac! How are you doing? How's you're time at the cabin been? I hope you're doing well. Love you bud!

Family! This week has been pretty awesome and we had some great experiences.

I've been really trying to work hard and study hard and prepare well to make sure I can give it all I've got. I was feeling a little stressed at times cause I feel a lot of pressure from myself more than anything to be the best I've ever been and to show the Lord my dedication more than ever. I've been praying a lot and trying to serve with as much love as I can. I also focused on being more bold and direct as I teach and asked Heavenly Father for help. I wanted to make sure the Spirit was really present.

Anyway, the Lord started pouring out His blessings. Last Saturday we found a family. The 22-year-old daughter Stephanie had been sharing with the missionaries before I got there. Anyway, they were receptive but hadn't progressed a bunch. We also shared with a friend of one of the daughters in the family. Anyway, a 21-year-old convert of like 2 years named Edgardo knew them and came with us to help out, and they opened up a bunch to teach one of the daughters and her friend since the parents were going on vacation. We taught about the Book of Mormon, and I felt so blessed. The Spirit guided us and they felt the Spirit so strong. They committed strongly to reading the Book of Mormon and to coming to church, and mentioned to us how they could tell just by our countenance that we knew it was true. It was a really cool experience and helped me feel Heavenly Father's love and approval. I love being a missionary.

We also had a mini mission this week. Some young men came from the Talcahuano South Stake to be our companions on Saturday and Sunday. It was cool cause my comp, Pablo Auteli, actually lived in Coelemu before, and I had heard about his family. We had some cool experiences too. On Saturday morning, the sisters from the zone called us with a referral. They had contacted someone and the sister said as she prayed about her plans that night, the guy kept coming into her head and she could sleep. Anyway, at 9:20 on Saturday night, our plans had fallen through, and we still had 10 minutes before going home. I asked my comp if he'd be fine to walk fast to go visit one more person. We hustled over to the man's house who lived kinda far, and the lights were off. We knocked the door anyway, and he turned the lights on, and let us in. He's about 62 and he's a widower. We had to get back to the house before 10 so only had a five minute lesson with him, but we invited him to church and to getting baptized on august 3rd and he accepted. It was such a cool experience. The next morning we called him he was gonna come but later we found out that unfortunately his blood pressure had shot up and he had to go to the hospital.

Another cool experience was that last night we went to go visit a less active family that is coming back to church, but they weren't home. The husband is also a member but hadn't been to church or listened to missionaries in like 20 years. Anyway, he decided to let us in, and even though he was a little hard, he still opened up to us. It was incredible.

Anyway, we've got a big week ahead. We're expecting to see some great miracles and I hope the Lord blesses us. We've got a lot to do in our sector and in the zone. Pray for us!

I love being here. I wish it didn't have to end.

Love you all!

Elder Blomfield