Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Thanks for writing fam! Good to hear from you all. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! It was a pretty awesome day. Nothing too exciting, but the first counselor of the Bishop announced it in sacrament meeting the wollybasher. Haha it was pretty funny. I love this ward! Then a less active family that's coming back gave me a little bit of cake later. Que rico. Plus this morning the Bishop invited us to eat breakfast at his house. Despite all the english swears he said, it was pretty great.

Dad! Sounds like you and Mum are getting pretty trunky. That makes me feel old now reminding me you got married at 21. That still seems way to far away hahaha. That's AWESOME about Delmar!!! I'm stoked to meet him. Where's he living? You're gonna have to be my comp and we can teach him together. I think I'm gonna need it cause I'm gonna be having some serious mission withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully I don't get all mopey like I always did after EFY though. Anyway, I hope work isn't too much of a drag. Any news on the oil well? Quick question, when was the date of my baptism and ordination to Elder? I need it for something over here. Thanks! Love ya Dad!

Mum! Hahaha don't worry about not sending anything. It's probably best that way so I can stay focused and stuff anyway. You're right about what you said. The great thing about the gospel is that we always have new opportunities to serve the Lord. We aren't limited to just serving a mission or whatever, we can always do it. You're right though, it'll be a juggle. I think the key is just trying to maintain the habits we have in the mission. I've become way more disciplined in my mission which is great, cause sometimes I would get pretty lazy before. The cabin sounds awesome and warm. It's freezing here right now and it's tough to sleep at night. I have 4 blankets, and normally a shirt with two sweaters and shorts under my pajama bottoms. It's FREEZING. Tell Keaton congrats for me!! Also, please review my email account to see any updates on work or anything. Love you Mum!

Michael! Love you bro, I'll write you apart.

Charly! I'm so old!! Haha that sucks that the water gets choppy everytime Dad comes. Hopefully it's not like that when I go! You hate your braces that bad? When does EFY start again? I forgot. Love ya!

Jake! That's awesome you're getting ordained after. That'll cool to be there present. Now you can go to dances and stuff dude! You stoked are what?? Have you figured out how to wakeboard or slalom yet? You gotta do it it's a blast. Love you Jake!

I'M 21 YEARS OLD! Officially legal to drink in the states now. I can't say I feel any different, it just makes me feel like I'm ancient knowing that I turned 19 in the MTC. Weird. Anyway, life in the mission goes on.

So this week we found a bunch of new investigators, but unfortunately none of them progressed much. As with the Maldonado family, Stephanie is the only one showing real signs of progress. For the first time we taught the mother yesterday but she wasn't very receptive at all unfortunately. Her sister Alejandra went with her to church again on Sunday, but she is kind of closing herself off. Unfortunately she can't seem to get past the idea that all churches are ok cause they all believe in God and it doesn't matter what we do as long as we believe in Him. I think that's the biggest challenge I've had here in Chile - pulling people out of that mentality. Besides that though, Stephanie is doing great. She seems to get it a lot more, although had a few difficulties accepting Joseph Smith this week. Pray for them!

We're also working with a recent convert's wife named Carolina. She's really receptive and always goes to church, but she's being so stubborn! We've been really direct with her and helped her to recognized the Spirit, but she insists on wanting more time before getting baptized. The missionaries have worked for her forever. We've focused a lot on that now so wanna work more on just helping her in her repentance process. We think that maybe if she has a more thorought repentance she'll have a change of heart and feel the Spirit.

Also, we did a cool training meeting teaching a few of the ward members how to do this thing to clean up the ward's records. There are more than 800 members in our ward and more than half of the addresses are wrong. It's like that in all of Chile. The members seemed pretty pumped at going to work which is great. I love this ward. They have tons of energy and they're all hilarious. Couldn't think of a better ward to finish in.

Cool experience this week. So I did a companionship exchange with one of our district leaders who was being a little difficult, hoping to try and see what was up. Since the beginning of the cambio it's been tough working with him cause he hasn't really expressed any desires to be here. We wanted to correct him, but I wanted the chance to get to know him more personally first. Anyway, he came to the sector to work with me, and at the beginning didn't show any signs of changing, but as we talked and got to know each other during the day, we became friends and he opened up a ton. We had a great day teaching too. The next day in our comp study, we had a really great chat together and he expressed to me all his personal struggles and the problems he was facing back home and stuff. It was a great spiritual experience, and we set some goals and stuff. Immediately his attitude changed in the week and he progressed a ton. Just goes to show that the best answer before anything else is always loving the person. I think the old me when I was first a zone leader would have just chewed him out for being prideful and disobedient and perhaps he would have changed a little, but it wouldn't have been nearly as effective.

This week my comp and I have had to progress a bunch as a companionship. We sometimes have very different ways of seeing things and it has been a little interesting at times, but I'm doing my best to try and be humble and work together more as a team. It's difficult sometimes when I feel like I'm pulling the sector alone on my back. The Lord does everything for a reason though so I've got things to learn. He's a great missionary and has a lot of great ideas, just sometimes our priorities are a little bit different I guess you could say.

Anyway, here we are working hard with the time that's left. I love being here!  We've got tons to do and not tons of time to do it. Pray for us! I'll be praying for you.

Love you all!

Elder Blomfield