Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Family!! This is a pretty weird email to be writing, knowing it'll be the last time I write to you on my mission. WEIRD. Anyway, I've still got a week left to serve so I'm not throwing in the towel yet! I still can't believe that so much time has passed.

Dad! That's awesome about that well and stuff. Good to hear your arms doing better. Sounds like the age is definitely getting to you. I think I need to remind you of what you told be before the mission. If it ever gets to the point when you're calling me to come clean you up after going to the bathroom, I'm bringing the shotgun. Hopefully it goes well in Calaway today. I really hope things go well for Joseph and Jenny! I'll be praying for them. Love you Dad! Try not to get too trunky!

Mum! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Nice breakfast in bed! I'm totally jealous. The new focus in the mission is awesome. I'm so excited. President Arrington has an awesome vision. I bet that was a fun class to teach to all the kids - marriage and family. How are the missionaries doing in our ward?? Are they seeing any progress? Who are they working with? I would love to work a bunch with them but I'm not gonna be in the house for hardly any time at all. Help them find investigators!!! That's awesome that Sam's leaving now too. The family's gonna be full of Spanish speakers. THAT IS THE NUMBER ONE TRUNKIEST QUESTION EVER! What food am I craving!? I have no idea. Hmm... I honestly can't think of anything. I've been sitting here thinking but nothing specific comes to mind. I like anything!! Just surprise me. Thanks though! Love you!

Elder Blomfield dos! ¿Cómo estai mi guachito rico? ¿Cómo anda la cuestión por allá? Que bakan que estai en el campo ya. Yapo no me podí decir esas tonteras po. Si me caso me caso no má y tení que aceptarlo loco. Allí vemos. Igual no lo veo muy pronto para nada así que no te preocupí tanto. Estoy comenzando de cero con eso así que ni un brillo. Enchúfate plancha de campo y pónete a trabajar y hácelo luego. ¿Hace mucho calor allá? Me imagino que andai más hediondo que calcetín de mormón. Y sabí que má, te quiero mucho y te echo mucho de menos. Good luck translating that! Sounds like you've had some pretty awesome experiences so far. I hope you tear it up out there. Baptize that family bro that's so sick they just showed up! I heard about doing that Priesthood blessing thing from my last comp but I never really understood it much. Explain it to me. Bueno cuídate mi guacho. Te quiero.

Charly! NO COWS. I WILL KILL YOU. EFY is gonna be so awesome. I loved going to EFY. Tell me all about your experiences and stuff. Just try not to get moody when you get back. I remember for me after EFY it was always hard caused I missed my friends and the spiritual high and everything, but just remember to apply everything you learned at EFY at home. Keep up the habits of prayer and scripture study and you'll keep the same Spirit. Love you Char! Behave yourself.

Jake! Didn't hear from you this week. Hope you have a blast at EFY! Read what I wrote to Char cause it's basically the same for you too, just like Mike said, you're allowed to have COWs.Love you bro!

Kenna! You're so trunky! Nice job water skiing. You'll have to teach me cause I've probably forgotten. Were you nice to the missionaries? Love ya!

This week is the last week of my mission. I can't believe it. I feel so old, but so grateful for the experience I've had on the mission. I've learned so much and progressed a ton. I think what I've most learned is that there is nothing more important for me than the gospel. Nothing makes me so happy, and there's nothing I prefer doing than teaching it. The experiences I've had have helped me grow tons and I've developed a closer relationship with the Savior. I just feel so much gratitude that in spite of all my weaknesses I've been able to serve Him and represent Him. I've watched people's lives change as they accept and live the gospel. I love it.

Stephanie is set on getting baptized, and was gonna do it this week, but decided to wait til next week so her whole family can be there for her baptism and confirmation. Unfortunately they're gonna be traveling. I won't be here for her baptism, but I'm sure I'll see the photos. She's had a huge change and I'm so happy for her. This week she went to church with her sister, her niece, and her parents even showed up about 20 minutes before the third hour ended. It was so awesome. Little by little we're seeing progress with the entire family.

The ward here is so awesome. I love it to death. The members and the leaders are great, and I've learned tons from them. They're so dedicated to their callings and I've never seen a ward so stoked about missionary work. They support us 100% and all have the vision to share the gospel. We've odne a bunch of activities, we're just now focusing on helping them bring their friends to the activities. This Friday we had an activity and everyone drank matte, some weird tea type of drink. A bunch of the members came and we got to share with them a missionary message and the Spirit was felt. I love it.

This morning we had breakfast with the bishop. He's hilarious. I definitely wanna maintain contact with him. He's kind of wild and crazy at times, but he's got a great vision for what he wants with the ward. He focuses a lot on having love between the members and on following the spirit of the law. A lot of times the members seem to focus a lot on knowing the doctrine, but when it comes down to applying Christlike love, he says that's the struggle. It made me think a lot about the gospel and about the reason we do it all. Really we should be motivated by a sincere desire to love and help others, not just simply to correct them or whatever. It's awesome.

Anyway, I've got one week left to go work. Pray for me a bunch, cause I've got to make it count. I know there are people waiting for the gospel, and I've never felt more motivated to go out and help them. In spite of the fact that I'm finishing my mission and stuff, I still feel really focused. I was worried that maybe towards the end it would be tempting to start to relax and not work as hard, but that hasn't really happened. I feel like I've got a stronger dedication than ever to the mission. I'm sure the Lord has helped a ton in helping my stay focused and I'm sure all your prayers have played a huge part in all that.

Thank you so much for all your support. I love you tons!

Elder Blomfield